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Hello, We Are Oracle Doula Services

As Full-Spectrum doulas, we are your first support system that supports you in reclaiming your human experience. Supporting your requests that best suite your families needs is our priority. We advocate for your medical needs and desires for your designed birth plan for your personal intentions and beliefs. We provide tools & options that are aligned with your families cultural needs. We provide peace of mind.

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Megon C. Dee (she/her)

Founder & CEO

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Doula

Specializing in plant based herbal pain management, healing energy work, fertility doula, professional birth & postpartum support.

Joyce Zara (they/she/síya)

Full Spectrum Doula

Founder of Urduja Doula

Joyce centers ancestral birth work by weaving in ceremony, ancestral healing, and holistic support for people and families throughout their reproductive and gestational journeys.

A "Doula" is "a person who serves".

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