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As a Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid doula, I am your first support system that supports you in reclaiming your human experience. Supporting your requests that best suite your families needs is my priority. I'll know what you & your families favorite drink or comfort foods are & provide you space from an overbearing in-law. I advocate for your medical needs and desires for your designed birth plan for your personal intentions and beliefs. Providing tools & options that are aligned with your families cultural needs, I provide you with peace of mind. 

Specializing in professional birth & postpartum support, plant based herbal pain management, trauma informed birth care, gender dysphoria informed birth care & healing energy work.

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Megon C. Dee (she/her)
Founder & CEO

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Doula

My Story

Birthwork chose me early in life while I was in college. My first doula experience was with grief and loss support for a friend. It wasn't until later in my career in wellness work that I decided to intentionally invest in the art of birthwork. My skill sets with herbalism and spirtiuality aligned me with ancestral birthwork. Prevent others from participating in traumatic birthing experiences, similar to what I experienced after two all natural births was my goal. This work has been truly healing for me, supporting loving families while watching them embrace their human experience. My certification and studies are rooted in traditional African American midwifery through the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training, a dual certification for the labor and postpartum birthwork, that is built on the legacy of the 20th century African American midwife. I am truly honored to be a conduit to bring new life earthside safely with love.

Gratitude for our alignment
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a person who serves, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a birthing person during labor.


Looking forward to connecting with you.


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